BWF 7th Annual Grill Master Wrap Up Show

Bahamas Welding and Fire Company (BWF) was started in July 1972, primarily engaged in the fire extinguisher business. Shortly thereafter industrial Gases were added to its line of products and services. As the business grew, it was complimented with industrial mechanics, equipment and tools. Within the last few years we added appliances, grills and housewares supplies to attract a different clientele.

Today we are grateful that all these initiatives benefits the company.

Seven years ago management decided that BWF needed a signature event that will aid in the launching of the new branding of BWF, thus, The Grill Master Competition. This event garnished much attention that a number of local companies commenced similar events on an annual basis. However, BWF is the pace setter in this regards.

Our signature event has aided in the growth of the company and the awareness of our product lines.

Two years ago we enhanced the signature event by adding the Grill Making Contest. The creativity was something to behold which has complimented our branding strategies.

The event is now used to show our appreciation to our customers by providing very attractive discounts, free giveaways, drinks and food. The event normally climaxes with music, dancing and socializing.